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Local Dubbing Project Manager - Berlin

Lylo Media Group recrute un Local Dubbing Project Manager.

Poste basé à Berlin

Who are we
The Lylo Division of TransPerfect is an International Localization and Digital Distribution Service provider to the Television, Film and entertainment industry in general. Part of the TransPerfect family since 2019, Lylo was established in 2012 and offers a One Stop Shop Solution for Dubbing, Voice Over, Subtitling, Audio-Description Or HOH. Lylo has developed several of its own proprietary tools such as our Cloud-Based Distributing Platform and production tool “Youdub” or remote recording solution “RecordR”.
Role summary
The Local Dubbing Project Manager hired by TransPerfect Germany will Oversee the management of its Lylo’s Division clients dubbing projects and working alongside the Lylo’s internal teams (Not limited to Client servicing, R&D, Rec, Graphics, Linguistic, MAM, etc…) as well as building a trusted network relationship with local voice talents, Dubbing Directors, sound engineers, Translators, Freelancers, etc…
Role main responsibilities
  • Building a network of Trusted talents (Voice Talents, Dubbing Director, Translators, Sound Engineers, Freelancers…)
  • Manage and coordinate with Lylo’s team and using Lylo’s proprietary production tool (Youdub) the local project production by (List is non-Exhaustive):
  • Planning of global tasks received via Youdub
  • Scheduling Local tasks in Youdub
  • Contacting and booking Talents for the Dubbing Projects
  • Coordinating local production/recording schedules
  • Assisting Dubbing Directors and Voice Talents during recording sessions when necessary
  • Manage Budgets in order to stick to the Estimated production budget
  • Prepare Recording sessions with Sound Engineer
  • Attend Recording sessions when necessary as a Dubbing Director
  • Coordinating with linguistic team
  • Coordinating with Graphics team and MAM when necessary
  • Ensuring all Working material is received and Final Deliverables are delivered
  • Uphold standards required by Lylo’s client’s Technical requirements and KPI’s as well as Lylo’s
  • Ensuring all contractual needs have been submitted to local talents and signed
  • Manage the Schedule of Lylo/TransPerfect’s own Recording studios or interface with the hired/rented rooms with the Partner Dubbing Studio
  • Involvement in Lylo’s R&D effort in providing relevant local practice that may require enhancement in Lylo’s Tools for Recording, Production or others
  • Meet when possible with potential local clients in order to potentially expand scope of Lylo’s Business
  • Represent Lylo’s interest in any local union related matters in order to strengthen our local position
  • Self-aware and updating on local industry changes, challenges or opportunities in order to report these to management for potential action if required
  • Build a potential database or list of voice talent with Remote recording capabilities
  • Take Ownership of representing Lylo’s interest locally via our own Dubbing Studios or Dubbing Partners
  • German Native language required, English necessary and  French is a plus
  • 2 years’ experience minimum in a creative, entertainment or production environment preferably Dubbing experience would be a plus
  • Strong interest in technology improvement and new technology
  • Team player, reactive, attention to details and solution seeker
  • Facilitator, diplomate and great communication skills in order to work with various individual talents (inside and outside the organization)
Please send you application by email via mediajobs.fr.



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